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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on April 5,2020 at 7:15 p.m., local time, Volunteer Fire Company of Vernon, Inc. will hold a public hearing at Vernon Fire Department, 5233 West Seneca Street, Vernon, NY 13476, to consider a proposal that Volunteer Fire Company of Vernon, Inc (the “Issuer”), a qualified Volunteer Fire Department serving The Village and Town of Vernon, NY, enter into an installment purchase agreement in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $340,000 in order to (i) finance the costs of firefighting equipment, including 2021 Freightliner Commercial Fire Engine (the “Equipment”), and (ii) pay certain costs of entering into the installment purchase agreement. The Equipment proposed to be financed will be owned and used by the Issuer and located 5233 West Seneca Street, Vernon NY 13476. At the public hearing, all persons will be afforded a reasonable opportunity to express their views on the proposed financing. Written comments may be submitted to the President of the Issuer at or prior to the public hearing.

DATED: 3/29/21

BY ORDER OF: Volunteer Fire Company of Vernon, Inc.

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